- bitcore mining pool

Miners online / Workers: 53 / 89
Total unique miner addresses and workers.
Min. payout threshold: 0.25 BTX
Payout for pending balances above 0.01 BTX every 4 hours.
Pool hashrate: 7.8 Gh/s
Total current pool hashrate.
Network Difficulty: 1617
Mining difficulty for the coin.
Reward structure: Proportional
Proportional reward based on the number of submitted "valid" shares and difficulty.
Pool fee: 1.25%
No transaction fees!
Bitcore (BTX) will be updated to wallet at 5pm 23/09/2018
Please get a new wallet from here as only the new wallet format will be accepted after this!

Please always connect to the port with less active connections!
Port: 1111 - 32 workers
Port: 8001 - 59 workers

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Your wallet address is set to: 2F24Yyzcc4Cun9x7VqGCHk81MdQCkhEnHn
API call for your wallet: Active workers + wallet monitoring
Round share: 0% -> 0 BTX
Estimated earnings when the pool finds a block.
Immature Balance: 0 BTX
Earnings awaiting blocks to mature.
Pending Balance: 0.0006547 BTX
Matured earnings awaiting payout.
Total Paid: 0.46733245 BTX
Total paid to this wallet address.
ID Miner version Hashrate (5min average / 15min average) Last share
Total earnings last 1 hour: 0 BTX
Total earnings last 3 hours: 0 BTX
Total earnings last 24 hours: 0 BTX
Total earnings last 7 days: 0 BTX
Total earnings last 30 days: 0.24212558 BTX
Estimate your earnings: or whattomine

Instructions - getting started

Stratum port
stratum+tcp:// or 1111
Nvidia cards using CCMINER
ccminer -a bitcore -o stratum+tcp:// -u your_bitcore_address -p x
AMD cards using SGMINER
sgminer --kernel timetravel10 -o stratum+tcp:// -u your_bitcore_address -p x -I 23
Any issues with the pool or for feedback find us on Telegram or message us on Twitter. on Telegram on Twitter
Fork based on YiiMP project